Linkin Park’s Environmental Efforts

Linkin Park is an alternative rock band that infuses an electronic vibe into their hard core rock and roll sound. Linkin Park originated from the medium sized town of Agoura Hills in California. Linkin Park steadily rose to fame with the release of their debut album Hybrid Theory in the year 2000. Since then they have consistently made the Billboard Top 100 with every album that they have released. They never fail to make it on to the MTV top 10 list with every song and music video that they release. In addition to their music Linkin Park is best known by their fans for their environmental and charity work. The band often asks their fan base to donate to the band’s causes to raise the awareness of the fans to the injustices of the world. They usually do this by recording a song and letting the fans buy it and download it online and then using 100% of the proceeds from the song to donate to the designated charity.

In the years 2004-2005 Linkin Park donated funds to the Hurricane Charlie, Katrina, and Rita disaster victims. The band’s ability to mobilize and quickly assess the impact of these natural disasters has helped to provide speedy relief from the financial burdens for those charities who received the donations. They have also been actively collecting donations for all of the countries that are being hit and devastated by major earthquakes and tsunami’s in order to make sure that the medical, emotional, and physical needs of the affected people are being provided for.

In 2005 Linkin Park was one of the many bands who participated in a large scale charity concert called Live 8. Live 8 was a benefit concert that was put on in G8 conference cities all over the world. The organizer of Live 8 was Bob Geldof. Bob Geldof is a famous humanitarian and musician. The Live 8 concert was timed to be a week before the G8 summit took place and to also be on the date of the 20th anniversary of Live Aid. Live Aid was also a large scale charity concert put on by the best musicians of that time. Some of the musicians from Live 8 were allowed to address the G8 summit and asked the conference to double the amount of financial aid that is given to the countries that are in need. The G8 conference agreed and it proved to the world that Live 8 was successful. The ideas that were put forth to the masses on that day have all had an affect on our society and we are better for it. All of these charity concerts and events have the goal to end poverty on a global level.

Linkin Park founded the charity Music for Relief. The goal of Music for Relief is to monetarily help the people who are caught up in natural disasters and to raise everyone’s awareness on global warming. Linkin Park has been a long time advocate for awakening the world’s awareness of the disasters that we are creating by polluting the world in which we live in. Their messages are simple enough that all should be able to impact the world by doing little things everyday to remove the effects of stress that human pollution has on our Earth. The band recently announced their Power the World campaign. The goal of Power the World is to provide a thousand Haitian families with solar powered lights. This project is helping raise awareness to the United Nations Secretary Ban Ki Moon’s project called Sustainable Energy for All.